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JR S8912SHV-70kg 12V

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  • Brushless Motor
  • High Voltage
  • Metal Gear
  • Digital

Technical details

  • Torque:          70.0 (12.6V) kg/cm
  • Speed:           0.11 (12.6V) Sec/60°
  • Weight:          79.0 g
  • Dimensions:  40.0 x 20.0 x 40.5mm
  • Voltage Range:  12.6V
  • Wire Length: 300 mm
  • Bearings:       BIG upper ball bearing (12x6) bottom(10 x 6)
  • Gears:            Metal Gears (Gear B brass)
  • Case:              Aluminium
  • Motor:           Brushless Motor
  • Horn gear spline spline: 21T (JR)
  • Connector type: JR


Perfect for Giant Scale, Heavy 3D/IMAC, Jets.


Central screw, rubber cushions. 

Using low amperage and less stress:
1) Extends servo life
2) Extends battery usage time
3) Ability to keep steady torque while flying
4) Industrial friendly

Japanese brand that stands out for its reliability and durability.  JR products are used by top pilots around the world and people who value reliability.

    Manual JR PROPO S8912SHV

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