Saito FG-90R3 4-Stroke

Brand: Saito Engines
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Saito FG-90R3


Prop Range: 24 x 10  or 24 x 12
Bore: 37.2mm

Cylinder Type: Ringed piston
Cylinders:  3
Displacement: 90cc
Engine (Only) Weight: 3161g
Ignition Weight: (250g)
Muffler Type: 10mm Flex Exhaust Pipes included
Muffler Weight: 157g
Oil Type & Content: Power Model 2T, or Red Line. 15:1 break in, 20:1 after.
Plug Type: CM6
RPM Range: 1,300 - 7,000
Stroke: 27.6mm
Total Weight: 3568g
Type: 4-stroke Airplane

We tested the ignition of this engine and concluded that it is best to use max 7.4 volts ! this will allow you to keep the ignition in working condition for many years .