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Saito FA-82B 4-Stroke

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Saito FA-82B 4-Stroke


Saito FA-82B 4-stroke Engine with Muffler, Glow Plug and Instruction Manual
Benchmark Prop: 13 x 8 
Bore: 29.0mm
Carb Type: barrel 2-needle valve
Crank Type: Ball bearing
Crankshaft Threads: M7 x 1mm
Cylinder Type: AAC
Cylinders: Single
Displacement: .13.44 cc
Engine (Only) Weight: 425 g
Muffler Type: Cast
Prop Range: 12 x 8, 15 x 4
Stroke: 20.40mm
Total Weight: 482 g

Fuel: glow fuel, 4-stroke blend with 20 synthetic oil & 10-20 nitro content

FA-82B Manual 

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