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YODA F3K paint #3 with BAG

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Yoda F3K- is the new F3K Generation from Master Joe Wurts.

Yoda F3K is the best DLG for the Top Pilots:

  • Best thermaling due Multidihedral  wing;

  • Best penetration due newest Joe’s airfoils with extra wide flap;

  • Highest launch due low drag optimization.

Yoda F3K is the best for Regular Pilots. You will add 1 min to your flight time easy:

  • Easy handling, as F5J glider,   due Multidihedral wing;

  • Easy come back, Yoda F3K is very stabile in cruise;

  • You will feel every thermal.

YODA F3K Technical Data

  • Length 1046 mm (41.18 inch)
  • Wing span 1490 mm (58.66 inch)
  • Wing area 19,03 dm² (294.96 sq in)
  • Wing airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Wing aspect ratio 11,54
  • Horizontal stabilizer area 2,14 sq dm (33.17 sq in)
  • Horizontal stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Horizontal stabilizer aspect ratio 1,42
  • Vertical stabilizer area 1,85 sq dm (28,7 sq in)
  • Vertical Stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Vertical stabilizer aspect ratio 2,45
  • Control surfaces Ailerons,flaps, rudder, elevator 


YODA F3K wing construction

1.     Ultralight Rohacell core;

2, 4. Carbon spar cap;

3.     Carboline spar shear web;

5.     Aileron hinge tape;

6,7.  Carboline skin layer:

            - YODA F3K: Carboline_SC_39_2/45;

           - YODA F3K Strong: Carboline three layer custom preform;

         - YODA F3K HM: Carboline multi layer custom preform from Ultra High Module Carbon. 

8. LE carboline reinforcement.

Contents of YODA F3K kit

Contents of accessories kit:

1.    Rear short screws for fixing wing (M3x10 , 1 spare screw);

2.    Forward long screws for fixing wing (M3x14, 1 spare screw);

3.    Fuselage part of the wire for aileron servos with JST battery connector;

4.    Yoda F3K aileron servo hatches (left and right);

5.    Yoda F3K aileron rods (2pcs);

6.    Yoda F3K aileron horns (2 pcs);

7.    Yoda F3K aluminum flap horns (Snipe 2 aileron horns) (left and right);

8.    Aileron horn  pins (D1x10, 2 pcs);

9.    Yoda F3K (Snipe 2) Ball link skrews; (2 pcs);

10. Yoda F3K aileron rods (2 pcs);

11. Aileron clevises (with M2.5 thread);

12. Carboline SC 78 4/30 carbon for fixing aileron pins(1 pcs; 50x50 mm);

13. Yoda F3K (Snipe 2) wing throwing peg;

14. Stabilizer fixing screws (M3x8, Aluminum, 1 pc spare);

15. Elevator and rudder torsion springs;

16. Elevator and rudder control horns;

17. Pipes for the fixing control cables (1 spare);

18. Yoda F3K (Snipe 2) ballast fixing part;

Contents of YODA F3K kit


Contents of part kit:

  1. Yoda F3K wing;

  2. Yoda F3K fuselage;

  3. Yoda F3K (Snipe 2) horizontal stabilizer;

  4. Yoda F3K vertical stabilizer;

  5. Yoda F3K nose cone;

  6. Yoda F3K accessoires kit;


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