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Xpwr 60CC Motor

by Xpwr
Price without tax: €271,00 VAT (22%) €59,62 Status: In stock


Weight: 1168 grams (including radial mount and prop adapter)
KV: 190
Pole: 24 Stator Poles
Bullet connectors: 8.0 mm female installed, male bullet connectors included
Recommended prop:  23 x 10,  max 24 x 10
Note on using largest prop recommendation for each motor: The largest prop recommendation for each motor is a maximum-performance prop for 3D and extreme aerobatic flying. It is not needed or recommended for sport flying where long, sustained full-throttle usage is intended. It is for aerobatic flight where full-throttle is used in bursts.
Maximum temperature (on outside of motor): 80C
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