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Snipe 2/2 Electric

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Electric Gliders Snipe 2/2 Electric  with Snipe 2 El power set and Bags

Extremely portable Snipe 2/2 El allows you to bring the model with you anywhere. The box dimensions for the single model is just 810x190x70 mm.

Wing fitting construction adds 5 gr. only to the model weight.

High-strength joiner and the unique wing joint design ensures the integrity of the glider at launch with full power. Autoclave molding secures high durability of the wing joiner which is made of high-tech carbon prepreg.

Snipe 2/2 El has the additional pin around which the aileron horn rotates. The pin is mounted along the aileron hinge axis. This pin eliminates the vertical movement of the aileron and prevents the flutter.

We make two-part wing Snipe 2/2 El for both right- and left-handers. Consider it before ordering.

Be sure to tape the wing joint on both sides before the flight!

Technical Data

  • Length 1032 mm (40.6 inch)
  • Wing span 1496 mm (58.9 inch)
  • Wing area 19.65 dm² (304.6 sq in)
  • Wing airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Wing aspect ratio 11,3
  • Horizontal stabilizer area 2,14 sq dm (33.17 sq in)
  • Horizontal stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Horizontal stabilizer aspect ratio 1,42
  • Vertical stabilizer area 1,47 sq dm (22.78 sq in)
  • Vertical Stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Control surfaces Ailerons (flaps), rudder, elevator  

Snipe 2 wing construction

Snipe 2 wing construction

1.     Ultralight Rohacell core;

2, 4. Carbon spar cap;

3.     Carboline spar shear web;

5.     Aileron hinge tape;

6,7.  Carboline skin layer:

     - Snipe 2: Carboline_SC_39_2/45;

     - Snipe 2 Strong: Carboline three layer custom preform;

     - Snipe 2 UHM: Carboline multi layer custom preform from Ultra High Module Carbon. 

8.     Lower strengthening of wing fitting;

9.     Solid filler;

10.   Upper strengthening of wing fitting;

11.   The aileron shear web.

Contents of Snipе 2/2 Electric kit

Contents of part kit:

  1. Accessoires of Snipe 2/2 El kit;

  2. Tail boom;

  3. Fuselage;

  4. Canopy;

  5. Rudder;

  6. Two pieces Snipe 2/2 wing.

Contents of accessories kit:

  • Elevator spring;

  • Rudder spring;

  • Snipe 2 electric elevator and rudder control horns;

  • Pipes for the fixing control cables (1pc is spare);

  • Screws for wing and rudder M3x10 ( 3pcs are spare)

  • Snipe elevator and rudder control steel cable;

  • Snipe 2 aileron ball head aluminum screws (2 pcs);

  • Carboline SC 78 4/30 carbon for fixing aileron horn pins;

  • Snipe 2 aluminum aileron control horns set (left and right);

  • Aileron horn pins (2 pcs).

  • Snipe 2 El power set
  •   Bags
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