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Snipe 2 Girl with BAG

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Gliders Snipe 2  DLG Girl

In preparation for the F3K World Championship 2017 was made a batch of experimental Snipe SN with 1 degree insidence in wing. Consequently the stabilizer was lifted up on 25 mm (in flight) with the aim to decrease the air stream’s influence going from a wing to stabilizer. Also the glider’s rigidity and stiffness of the control system were increased. These models were successfully used during season 2017 by Cederic Duss (World Cup 2017, Eurotour 2017 winner), Ihor Butseroha ( 2-d Place in F3K WCh 2017), Austria, New Zeland, Ukraine, Italy, South Africa Teams.
Snipe 2 is developed on a base of this experiment. Also we added more streamlined and extremely toughed fuselage.
Significant decrease of stream’s influence going from a wing to stabilizer simplified a model’s control in turbulence condition. It makes possible to move the gravity center to 5mm back nevertheless the model is still comfortable and stable in handling.
This back position of the CG decreases the angle between the wing and the stabilizer, consequently, decreases common aerodynamic drag of the model. The new thinner and more streamline Snipe 2 fuselage is also instrumental in drag reduction. But above all, due to these changes, Snipe 2 is able to climb more effective in thermals with smallest circles and better displays about the smallest thermal babbles.
We significantly increase the stiffness of all parts of the model to get the highest launch:

  • The rigidity of the fuselage is enlarged on 65% in relation to Snipe SN. Because of the new streamline Snipe 2 fuselage has wider tailboom and using the Ultra High Module Carbon preform Carboline.

  • Snipe 2 has stiffer carbon aileron rods with ball links without free plays. Aileron horn has extra shaft combined with the aileron hinge. It minimizes free plays in the hinge. It also greatly increases the rigidity of the ailerons’ control system.

  • Snipe 2 has tougher torsion springs and steel control cable in pool/spring tail control system.

  • For expert pilots we developed a new Ultra High Module Wing (Snipe 2 UHM). The weight of the UHM wing is only 102-108g. However, the rigidity is 20% higher than the wing of Snipe 2 regular.

Technical Data

  • Length 1081 mm 
  • Wing span 1499 mm 
  • Wing area 19.65 dm² 
  • Wing airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Wing aspect ratio 11,3
  • Horizontal stabilizer area 2,14 sq dm 
  • Horizontal stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Horizontal stabilizer aspect ratio 1,42
  • Vertical stabilizer area 2 sq dm
  • Vertical Stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz
  • Vertical stabilizer aspect ratio 1,08
  • Control surfaces Ailerons (flaps), rudder, elevator  

Contents of part kit:

  1. Vertical stabilizer;

  2. Stabilizer;

  3. Fuselage with nose cone;

  4. Accessoires of Snipe 2;

  5. Wing.

  6. Begs 

Contents of accessories kit:

  1. Aileron clevises (with M2.5 thread);

  2. 3m kevlar thread;

  3. Stabilizer control horn;

  4. Rudder control horn;

  5. Carboline SC 78 4/30 carbon (1 pcs; 50x50 mm);

  6. Set of screws for fixing of the wing;

  7. Ball head skrews;

  8. Aileron horn pins;

  9. Screws for fixing stabilizer (2 pcs, 1 spare set);

  10. Pipes for the fixing control cables;

  11. Aileron control horn;

  12. Ballast fixator;

  13. Torsion spring;

  14. Launching peg;

  15. Aileron pushrods.

 Manual SNIPE 2 

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