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PLUS X windy

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PLUS X windy with KST servos 

Plus X- the World best F5J wing from Joe Wurts:

The best thermaling and penetration performance combined in one wing;

6 servos give the best combination of aileron and flapperon differential for the highest climb performance during circling in thermals;

Wide flap has extremely smooth airfoil in all flight mode;

Extremely possibility for brake due 6 servos wing;

Plus X/5 has five short parts wing for easy traveling with luggage limit size box;

Plus X light- strong version with FAI limits weight;

Plus X – unique easy-taped-assembly two part fuselage

Two short parts of the fuselage for easy traveling;

Easy and reliable ballasting fuselage;

VM famous snap fixed system for carbon canopy;

Unique light weight and strength due Carboline preform for the boom and pod;

Easy mounting system for servos, inside the tail boom;

Carbon pushrods for tail servos is installed already;

The ability to trim the nose (on 54mm) to diameter of 38mm to get the right CG with a heavy motor;

Plus X – extremely low drag, high efficient and light tail

High aspect ratio fin with unique efficient thin airfoils from Joe Wurts;

Extremely rigid and light elevator and rudder control system;

Easy mounting fin and stabilizer;

Amazing high strength and light weight of the tail. 

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