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Optimix 20MV 4-Stroke - 5L

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Optimix 20MV 4-Stroke 


  • 5L
  • 60% Methanol
  • 20% Synthetic Oil
  • 20% Nitromethane


Optimix 20MV 4-Stroke with 20% nitro utilises medium viscosity oil from Klotz, which is 275 centistokes unlike our Optimix-4-stroke range which uses 75 centistokes oil from Klotz. This is ideal for users of four-stroke engines that have been used to a more "traditional" blend of fuel. This works well in Saito's, RCV and other four-stroke engines including OS. Not ideal for two-strokes but will poerate satisfactorily and we would suggest YS four-stroke users use the standart Optimix-20 or 30 four stroke mix. Optimix-20MV 4-stroke is a good choice for scale where power is not ultimately required. 

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