Mini MB 339 - EDF 90mm 6S or Turbine P20

Brand: Sebart
Price: €638,06
Price without tax: €523,00 VAT (22%) €115,06 Status: In stock


Wing span: 54.33 in.
Length: 65.68 in.
Wing area: 511,5 sq in

EDF version:
Weight (less batt.): 6.59 lb
Weight RTF (with 5000-6S): 8.48 lb.

Full aluminum 12 blades 90mm EDF unit
1750 Kw motor, 138A ESC with 8A bec 6V
Recommended battery pack: 5000-6S / 5800-6S

P 20 Turbine version
Weight (empty, less RX and turbine battery): 7.12 lb

.Aluminium retracts gears
+2 doors servos + 1 steering servo
factory installed

Required: Radio 6+ ch
with7 MG sub-micro servos