JTA 33" Gamebird Green/Black

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Based off the high performance full scale aerobatic machine, the Game Composites GB-1 Gamebird, the new JTA Innovations 33” 6mm EPP model is sure to catch attention both on the ground and in the air. Developed under approval by Philipp Steinbach, there is no doubt it compliments the outstanding characteristics of the full scale. The Gamebird is constructed with the same carbon fiber technique that has held up on the 32” Yak, and high quality hardware that will greatly increase the longevity of the airframe. Excelling in all areas of flying, the Gamebird is aimed to please any type of RC aerobatic pilot whether that is the beginner 3D pilot or advanced freestyle pilot. Not many other foamies have the wide range of flight envelope of the JTA Gamebird.

Recommended Equipment:

 Motor - Hacker A10-9L, T-Motor AT2303, equivalent

 ESC - 10-15 amp

 Servos - 6-12 gram (Qty. 3)

 Propeller - 8-9” (APC Indoor SF highly recommended)

 Battery - 2S or 3S 350-750 mAh depending on motor/ESC

Weight: Approximately 175-180g without battery

Manual for 33" Gamebird

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