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JR T14 x 4 Black Mode 2

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JR PROPO T14 x 4 Black Mode 2

Upgraded T14 with 28X gimbals!


  • Channels: 14 x 4 Channels 
  • Modulation: DMSS System with XBus
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Receiver: RG812BX 8-channel full range receiver
  • Programming Features: Airplane, Sailplane, Helicopter
  • Model Memory: 30 + SD memory card slot for unlimited model memory and software updates
  • Modes: 1, 2, 3, 4 User Selectable 
  • Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 6.4V 1400mAh Li-Fe
  • Charger: Transmiter Charger, JR 9.0V power adapter 
  • Output Strength: Full Range


  • 30-model internal memory
  • Airplane, helicopter and glider program options
  • Premium Grade gimbals withCNCmachined aluminum bases
  • SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates (SD card required)
  • Li-Fe 6.4V, 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery pack
  • Integrated charging circuit
  • 9V AC/DC adapter supplied with automatic shutdown
  • Lightweight (820 g) transmitter design
  • Easily adapts to stick modes 14
  • Data entry via scroll bar and four push-button keys
  • Telemetry with receiver voltage sensor built in
  • Optional telemetry sensors available
  • Stick tension and spring adjustment
  • Dual trim options
  • Dual side slide-lever controls
  • Touch Select System for switch selection
  • New soft switch covers for improved feel and control
  • User-selected menu for frequently used functions
  • User-assigned switch function
  • Programmable throttle cut
  • Two independent programmable timers

Standard XG14 System includes:

  • Li-Fe 6.4V 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery pack 
  • Transmiter Charger, JR 9.0V power adapter
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