Dynam Scout V2 980mm - PNP

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The Dynam Scout is a perfect parkflyer as it's 980mm wingspan allows it to be flown in smaller areas at low speeds. This makes it easier for beginner pilots to master the art of flying and the steerable nose wheel gives it great handling on the ground as well. The Dynam Scout is a full four channel aircraft complete with both rudder and aileron controls which allow it to perform maneuvers such as stall turns and barrel rolls. This kit will require battery, charger and radio. 


Overall Length:767mm
Motor:BM2313 KV1850
Servo:7g Servox3
Wing Area:13.7
Wing Loading:24.5 dm
Flying Weight:335g

Required for completion: Battery 2S 7.4V 850 - 1300 mAh LiPo Battery with JST, Transmitter and receiver.

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