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52" Slick 580 EXP- Red/White

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Extreme Flight 52" Slick 580 EXP

Extreme Flight RC's latest release was designed in conjunction with Jase Dussia, the brand new 52" Slick 580 EXP takes the innovations of the previous EXP designs to the next level. Using a mix of balsa, light ply, carbon fiber and G10 composites the Slick is extremely light weight for its size and built to take all the high G punishment you can throw at it.

Just like its predecessor, the Extreme Flight 52" Extra 300 EXP, the new Slick 580 EXP was designed around the Xpwr 3910 and Airboss 80 Amp ESC power combo. This powerhouse combo delivers maximum performance and reliability for this class of model using a 4S 2500-3300 mah battery and a 14x7-15x7 electric prop. All flight testing was performed with the Hitec 5087MH servos. We recommend the use of 3 of the Extreme Flight 1.25" lightweight servo arms for aileron and rudder actuation. The elevator uses a custom G10 servo arm extension included in the kit. The Slick 580 EXP requires a 57mm Extreme Flight electric spinner.

The 52" Slick 580 features two very sexy Ultracote (Oracover) color schemes designed by Extreme Flight graphic artist Arron Bates. Both color schemes are highly visible in the air and provide great contrast from top to bottom.


Wingspan: 1320 mm ( 52" )
Length: 1308 mm
Weight: 1360 - 1800 gr

Recommended Components

Electric Power System

Motor: Xpwr T3910 
Electronic Speed Control: 80 amp FLYFUN 80A V5
Prop: Falcon Beechwood 14 x 7E or Falcon Beechwood 15 x 7E 
Battery: 4S 2500-3300 mah Lipo  GENS ACE 3000MAH 14.8V


Qty. 4 Hitec HS-5087MH

Servo Arms 

Qty. 4  Servo Arms - 1.25" single


Spinner:  57 mm 

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2    455 mm 28 AWG
Qty. 4    155 mm 28 AWG 

BUILD MANUAL 52" Slick 580 EXP

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