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48" Extra 300-EXP Red/White

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Extreme Flight Extra 300-EXP

Incorporating many forward thinking design elements, the EXP is the result of several months of R&D, flight testing and refinement. Loosely based on the mid wing Extra 300, the EXP has been manipulated to offer the most aggressive flight envelope imaginable. Following is a brief rundown of some of the unique design features that contribute to the amazing flight capabilities of the Extra 300EXP.

-Forward canopy placement places the tallest portion of the fuselage over the CG, which is optimum for best knife edge performance.

-Huge airfoiled control surfaces utilizing geodetic construction provide the ultimate in yaw, pitch and roll authority.

-Carbon fiber longerons and motor box supports add enormous strength and rigidity to the airframe, while G10/lite ply composite laminates make for a robust landing gear mount.

-One piece airfoiled molded carbon fiber landing gear and tailwheel bracket provide solid ground handling and contribute to the awesome appearance of the EXP.

-Long tail moment contributes to rock solid precision flight performance and tracking.

-Spring loaded hatch latch provides instant access to battery tray and interior of aircraft while providing a solid attachment point for the canopy.

-2 piece wing mounts on a carbon fiber wing tube and is easily removed for transport.

-G10 elevator horn bolts on to stock servo arm to allow for insane elevator travel.

-Rudder and elevator servo mount in the rear of the aircraft and utilize a short direct drive carbon fiber pushrod with ball link for slop free control surface actuation.

-Removable Side Force Generators add tremendously to the effective side area of the EXP increasing rudder authority and improving knife edge and high alpha stability.

-2 gorgeous genuine Ultracote color schemes available with expertly painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.

-Complete hardware package and decal sheet included.

-High level of pre-fabrication allows you to get the EXP in the air in as little as 3 hours!


Wingspan: 1220 mm ( 48" )
Length: 1220 mm
Weight: 1250 gr -1360 gr

Recommended Components

Electric Power Systems

Motor: Torque 2814/820 
Prop: Falcon 12 x 6E
Electronic Speed Control: FLYFUN 40A V5 
Battery: 4S 2200 - 2700mAh LiPo  GENS ACE 2500MAH 14.8V         


Qty: 4 Savox SH-0255mg


Spinner: 52 mm ( 2'' ) 

Servo Extensions

Qty. 4      155 mm  28 AWG 
Qty. 2      455 mm  28 AWG

Manual building


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